avast! Free Antivirus 7.0.1474.766

Written By Unknown on Sunday, October 28, 2012 | 2:54 AM

avast! Free Antivirus 7.0.1474.766

Final version of the all-new free antivirus. ... especially useful new functions are the AutoSandbox .. Good installation options Another nice addition that you'll notice when setting up is the option to install as the second line of defense on your computer. There are also plenty of installation options, which allow you to get the most from your anti-virus before it's even installed. Of course, there's also a default installation if the nitty-gritty's not for you. Security improvements What else does version 7 add to avast! Free Antivirus? Well, in the first place the developer assures us that there have been considerable updates on a security front, which is obviously what you want from an anti-virus. It also offers a nice Statistics module, as well as a comprehensive Support function that allows you to general a support package to send to the avast! personnel who are trying to troubleshoot your problem. New features Two especially useful new functions are the AutoSandbox feature and the Remote Assistance. AutoSandbox allows avast! to automatically place any program it deems suspicious inside a sandbox, so it cannot do damage to your computer. You can edit the programs that are excluded from this behavior in the general settings. Remote assistance Remote Assistance is much as it sounds, but it's a great feature to have. This allows you to either connect to or be connected to by another user, so that you can help them with computer problems or so that they can help you (especially when tech support personnel are involved). Obviously, both of you will have to have avast! Free Antivirus 7 installed, but it's a feature we can see coming in really useful. avast 7.0.1474.766 new features: - New installer - UI facelift - FileRep service (cloud based) - Streaming updates - Sandbox & Autosandbox improvements - Browser protection improvements - FileRep service (cloud based) - Remote assistance feature - Support tool - Browser protection improvements - Export/Import settings - Runs on Win8 Developer Preview avast! Free Antivirus has always been one of Softonic's favorite anti-virus suites, and version 7.0.1474.766 is no exception. It's awesome! Recent changes Changes in the autosandbox module Improvements in Remote Assistance (support for UAC prompts etc.) Improvements in SafeZone (protection against kernel-mode keyloggers; Updated SafeZone Browser; clipboard sharing, etc.) Outlook plugin redesign Opera support in WebRep SiteCorrect module for the detection of unwanted websites Windows 7,8 compatibility updates. Visually appealing Traditionally here at Softonic we have a lot of time for avast!, so we were really excited to get a look at the newest version. For starters, it looks really slick, with a slim-lined installation process (which looked good, but still took a while), and a very user-friendly and clear interface. While the interface is similar to avast! 6, it's got many more options, something you'll see as soon as you open it.

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