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Written By Unknown on Thursday, June 20, 2013 | 10:57 PM

Android Book App Maker 3.3.0 | 13.7 Mb

Android book app maker converts Word and/or text files to flipping book app for Android. It allows you to insert illustrations, custom look & feel, even change language, setup text protection and eyesight-protection. You can easily create Android app without programming knowledge. It is the best choice if you want to make Ad income. The out apps as standalone programs, they run in the Android-powered devices independently with search, bookmark, and book info options integrated. You can reedit it after save settings as project at any time and place.

About Product

Build Android app with common text files.
(1) Quick import txt files that each one as separate chapter (name by txt name or each txt file first line words);
(2) Create chapters one by one though copying paragraphs of content in editing panel for being reedited.
Support common text encoding: Windows (ANSI), ASCII, Unicode, UTF-7, Big Endian Unicode, UTF-8 etc.
Support defining of book basic information: book name, author, category, relevant website and description. (All these information will appear on output Android book About interface)
Built-in text editing tools enable publishers to select all, cut, copy, remove the non-paragraph line breaks, save matter.
Fast divide one chapter into multiple chapters based on a key word such as "Chapter" .
Extract the selected text as a new chapter.
Support self define the extra items depend on what you want to popularize. (Also appear on the book About page)
It enables you to custom book icon (will appear on Android screen) and book cover (when start the book app which has been installed).
Allows you to predefine font, font size, lines pace, even font or background color which initially shown after you open the output book app in Android.
Encrypt content of book in case someone extracts it from the output APK file.
Support insert pictures for illustrating.
The international option supports customize language explanations replacing the default English for different language users.
Export/Import book as a project file facilitates editing the same book in different computer. (The project file is absolutely not equal to the output apk)
Automatically save the current uncompleted book for further quick importing and editing.
The built-in KeyStore registration assists you to settle the issue of android digital certificate (Android apps require digital sign).
Two reading modes scroll and flip are available for you.
You can embed Admob ads into Android book apps to earn ads commission fee.
Enables you to add bookmark.
Support text search.

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