Tecplot Chorus DE 2013 R1 3.10.37122 (x64) Free Download

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Tecplot Chorus DE 2013 R1 3.10.37122 (x64) | 284.2 MB

Tecplot Chorus is a simulation analytics software tool that integrates market leading CFD post-processing, field and metadata management with powerful analytics tools. An Engineer using Tecplot Chorus can manage and analyze collections of CFD simulations, and compare them in a single environment while evaluating overall system performance.

Tecplot Chorus provides a robust framework for managing CFD projects that require multiple simulation cases with tools to evaluate the resulting metadata. Features include unified data and project management, advanced analytics and surrogate modeling, rapid comparison of field data, batch process plot creation, fast physics exploration and visualization, and easy deployment.

Whether optimizing your design, analyzing the operating envelope, or investigating engineering problems, Tecplot Chorus changes the post-processing paradigm by pre-computing the plots and making downstream analysis much faster.

Platforms and System Requirements

- Microsoft Windows 64-bit (x86_64), XP (Service Pack 2), Vista (Service Pack 2), Windows 7, 8
- 2GB Minimum System Memory
- 500MB Minimum Available Disk Space
- Minimum Resolution of 1024 x 768
- OpenGL Accelerated Graphics Card

Home Page - http://www.tecplot.com/products/tecplot-chorus/

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