Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7601 SP1 (x64) by Staforce

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Windows 7 Ultimate
Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7601 SP1 (x64) by Staforce | 6,05 Gb

New build Windows 7 Build 7601 SP1 StaforceTEAM with integrated updates until may 2015. The system has a 3-language interface (English, German and Russian). Updated system activation. Installing Windows 7 does not require the user to enter product key after installation.

Why choose Windows 7?

New easy desktop. Windows 7 allows you to prepare for work with your computer faster than ever before. Task contains enlarged buttons and full-sized sketches. You can also fasten it to the program to access them with one click. Jump lists provide shortcuts to files, folders, and websites. Through features like Snap, Peek and Shake, you can move all open Windows easy (and fun) new ways.

Super-quick search. Enter in the search field of the start menu” in the word, and you will immediately see the results, grouped by category: documents, images, music, emails and programs. When you search in a folder or library it is possible to accurately specify the search criteria using filters like date or file type, and use a viewport to look at the results.

To work even faster. Windows 7 has key performance improvements, allowing it to consume less memory and run background services only when you need them. She quickly launches your program and spends less time to enter sleep mode, resume, and reconnect to wireless networks. Thanks to support for 64-bit systems you can use all the advantages of the latest technologies on a powerful 64-bit computers.

Convenient sharing files over the network (HomeGroup). Sharing files and printers on a home network should be simple. With HomeGroup possible. Connect to the network at least two computers running Windows 7, and after some simple actions you can begin to share music, pictures, videos and documents with other users in the house.

Conveniently connect to WiFi. Connecting to wireless networks on a laptop that previously required significant effort is now running with a couple of clicks of the mouse. Select a network from the list of available networks in the taskbar, click it and connect. After connecting to a network, Windows will remember it so you can further establish this connection automatically.

Great interaction with devices. Device Stage, a new feature in Windows 7, works similarly to the home page for devices such as iPods, smartphones and printers. When you connect a compatible device to the computer will display a menu with information and popular tasks, such as the battery, the number of photos ready to download and print options.

Stream media. New features of Windows Media player 12 allows you to enjoy recordings of your media library around the house or around town. Play To feature to stream music, videos and photos from your computer to your stereo or TV (may require additional hardware). With remote media streaming, you can even stream your files over the Internet from one computer running Windows 7 to another, which is very far away.

Set up your computer to your taste. Windows 7 allows you to easily Express yourself with custom themes, Wallpapers, screensavers and much more. In the personalization gallery are new files to download. Download themes, Wallpapers gadgets and give your computer a unique look.
Notifications that do not get bored. Support center, new in Windows 7, allows you to control the display of messages about maintenance and security. You can enable or disable notifications for features such as Windows Defender or user account control. If Windows requires your attention, you will see a notification on the right edge of the taskbar. Click it to get recommendations for fixing any problems.

Version features:

Fixed a problem with creating user (Example: StaforceTEAM-PC)
Added mail client Windows Mail
Added Windows Calendar
Added “Internetradio” in the Windows sidebar Sidebar
Added gadget “Notes” in the Windows sidebar Sidebar
Fixed gadget Weather sidebar Windows Sidebar
Integrated regional themes (Original from Microsoft)
Embedded Virtual machine VirtualPC
Integrated Internet Explorer 11 mode support Enterprise Mode
Fixed gadgets MSFT Windows sidebar Sidebar after installing the browser IE11
Integrated Adobe Flash 17 (for Internet Explorer)
Integrated Adobe Flash 17 (for Firefox)
Integrated Adobe AIR 17
Integrated Adobe Shockwave Player 12.1
Integrated Microsoft Silverlight 5.1
Integrated official update
Removed obsolete Windows 7 theme
Fixed bugs from the last build
The image was maximally compressed


Download Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7601 SP1

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