Windows 7 Integrale x64 FR By Gafsi Free Download

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Windows 7 Integrale x64 FR
Windows 7 Intégrale x64 FR [Copie Originale] By Gafsi | 2.98 GB

Windows 7 Ultimate is the most versatile and most powerful versions of Windows 7. It combines ease of use entertainment applications of Family Premium Version E and developments in the professional version.
The version of Windows easier to use
* Simplify your PC with new features like Aero Shake, Jump Lists and Snap
* Customize Windows as desired by changing the theme and program of the task bar.
* Setting up a home network and connecting printers is easier than ever.
* Windows 7 is compatible with the latest software and hardware

* Designed for faster startup and shutdown
* Takes full advantage of 64-bit hardware
* Connecting to networks without son fast and easy
The best of entertainment on the PC

* A neat and functional user interface, new content types supported and access to digital TV
* Enjoy your music, photos and videos throughout your home
* With Windows Live Essentials, you easily connect actions on your PC with online services that you use every day such as Windows Live Hotmail, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and many others

Easy to use

Jump Lists
Open files you use regularly from the improved taskbar.

Quick Snap is a new tool (and fun!) To resize open windows by simply dragging them to the edges of your screen. According to the edge you choose (up or down, left or right), the window will expand vertically will be displayed in full screen, or you can even be positioned side-by-side windows.

Windows Search
Introduced in Windows Vista, the Windows Search feature helps you find virtually anything on your PC without effort or loss of time. Windows 7 provides more relevant results and very easy to understand.

Effective management of devices

View Available Networks
Windows 7 displays and connect all networks with ease. One click will suffice to access all available networks, regardless of network type.

. HomeGroup automatically start sharing libraries containing your music, images, videos and library documents with other computers that are in the house.

Windows 7 took into account comments to offer functions as expected. You asked us to make everyday tasks easier and faster, letting you customize your PC to your liking and let you innovate. Microsoft responded to your expectations. Your dream has come true.


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