Agnishapath (2006) Kolkata Bangla Movie Watch HD Video Online Full Free

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Director: Prabir Nandi
Producer: Swapan Kumar Saha
Music: Abhijit Dasgupta
Main Cast: Dipankar Dey, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Rachana Banerjee
Genre: Suspense
Release: 2006

Short Story :

Ajit singh may be the innovator of the nightguard celebration inside a city within Punjab as well as life together with his spouse, boy as well as child. Eventually he or she as well as their celebration people capture the truckload associated with weaponry as well as hands all of them to military. The actual terrorist innovator Wakat who had been moving individuals weaponry programs as well as eliminates Ajit, their mother and father as well as their spouse as well as removes Ajit’s child. Jeet is actually preserved because he or she wasn’t in your own home.

Jeet requires a good pledge in order to destroy just about all anyone who has ruined their loved ones. He would go to Kolkata as well as matures to become a storage auto technician. He battles relentessly towards individuals who wish to take away the slum by which he’s remaining. One of these is actually Shekhar, the actual boy of the important politics innovator, Gobinda Samanta. 1 nigh Jeet assists a guy Indrajeet, in order to battle a lot of goons. These people turn out to be buddies. He gets the notice from the woman known as Raina although the notice had been really tackled in order to Indrajeet.

He nevertheless would go to fulfill Raina as well as concealing their indentiy these people begin a romantic relationship. Later on Raina is out associated with Kolkata even though coming back your woman once again transmits the notice in order to Indrajeet which period Indrajeet fulfills Raina. Raina becomes aggressive in the direction of Jeet upon understanding the facts. As soon as so that they can save the famliy in the goons Jeet is actually injured. He staggers towards the front doorstep of the vocalist as well as faints.

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