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Zuma Deluxe is an addictive puzzle game that consists on bursting bubbles full of colors before they get to your skull. This free version includes some improvements that differentiate it from other similar games providing a full and intense experience ready to download it for your computer.

You take the place of a guardian frog protecting a sacred skull from the threatening balls. You must burst these bubbles spitting different color balls that appear randomly in the screen. Put together the balls that have the same color and they will explode.

The application is decorated with beauty Aztec motifs. the animations are detailed and work smoothly. Zuma Deluxe is designed for puzzle lovers.

Different game modes full of fun

There are two different modes in this version: adventure and gauntlet. While adventure is the main mode, gauntlet will be a challenge for your reflexes.

Adventure may be considered as a story mode in a classical game. You must overcome 22 levels, divided on 3 different sets of 7, and a special last set placed in the space.

Gauntlet mode will be the challenge of this game. You can play again the levels you beat before on adventure mode but changed. The difficulty is increased, bubbles will be speeded up and it will be a challenge for you.
Good and simple

The game version is very simple, just as a puzzle must be. Although it doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Once you get the mechanics you will see why it’s an addictive game. You won’t stop bursting bubbles! This is one of those games online that engage players over the world. This free version shows you how to play and the main features of the title.

Besides Zuma Deluxe there are some addictive games available if you like the genre. Bobble Puzzle is an archetypal bursting bubbles application that you will love and, Bejeweled 3 consists on putting together the same gems In order to make them disappear. But Zuma is definitely a game you may play.

Also it received the award “Game of the Year” in 2004 from diverse specialized publications.

Zuma Deluxe Features :

The unique features of this puzzle game are listed below:

Adventure mode or Gauntlet mode
Adventure Mode consists in three stages and each stage has seven levels
Final level set in Space
In Gauntlet mode players can play Adventure mode’s levels in endless mode to win Sun Gems.
There are four modes in Gauntlet Mode: Random, Specific, Practice and Survival
Powerup Balls: Slowdown, Explosion, Reverse and Accuracy
Different type of bonus: Chains, Combos, Gaps or Ace Time
Over 20 temples to explore
Burst the chain of bubbles before they reach the sacred skull
Players have three lives on each Adventure
For more information about this game, check thedeveloper's website .

Conclusion :

Zuma Deluxe is made for puzzle games lovers, but if you are not part of this group at least feel free to try and download it, you won’t be able to stop playing!

Demo version:

Limited uses. Some functions are restricted.
For Download Zuma Deluxe 1.01 Latest Version (14.59MB)   Click Here

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