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e-Xstream Digimat 4.2.1 (x86/x64) | 430 MB

DIGIMAT - program from the company e-Xstream engineering for nonlinear multi- step modeling of materials and structures
Scope : aviation and aerospace, automotive, microelectronics , etc.

DIGIMAT designed for quick and highly accurate prediction of the nonlinear behavior of multicomponent materials , such as plastics , polymers, carbon - and glass-fiber , nanomaterials , etc. , to accurately assess the local and global behavior of multicomponent structures using the finite element method for the preparation, storage and confidential exchange models of materials for light and highly mobile design of sandwich panels . DIGIMAT also presents the user with a set of interfaces for finite element computer software systems engineering (ANSYS, LS-DYNA, SIMULIA / Abaqus , etc. ) intended for the simulation and study of the problems of solid mechanics , mechanics of structures and software systems of finite element modeling plastics molding processes (Moldex3D, Moldflow , etc.).
Scope : aviation and aerospace, automotive, microelectronics , etc.

Digimat-MF module is designed for the analytical prediction of the nonlinear behavior of materials
The module is designed to homogenize and allows analytically predict the nonlinear mechanical , thermal and electrical macroscopic properties of multicomponent materials , based on the properties of the components and data on the microstructure of the material ( volume concentration of components , size and orientation of the fibers ) .
Digimat-MF - vysokotochen , effective and easy to learn and use. In Digimat-MF available nonlinear material model . A microstructure material includes reinforcing components , multi-layered , reinforcing ellipsoidal inclusion .
Homogenization methods : the method of Mori - Tanaka, interpolation double inclusion homogenization of the 1st and 2nd order , etc.

Digimat-FE module is designed for accurate prediction of the local / global nonlinear behavior of multicomponent materials by applying the finite element method ( FEM) and realistic representative element volume ( PEO ; RVE - Representative Volume Element).
Created Digimat-FE FE model used for calculations in software systems FE analysis . Digimat-FE has a wide range of functions that allow you to simulate Supercomplex microstructure of material at reasonable computational costs . This module allows you to define the constituent components of composite materials , microstructure generate PEO and ask him loading etc.
Key features and capabilities Digimat-FE - the definition of the components of the composites microstructure definition ( form inclusions , namely any form, imported from a file with the geometry of defining relations for the components of composites ), the definition of the material microstructure , the generation of PEO , PEO definition of loading ( monotonic , cycling , user-defined ) and work with the finite element (FE ) model.

Digimat-MX Module serves for preparation, storage , recovery and secure exchange of material models DIGIMAT between material suppliers and users as well as to protect their intellectual property
Material eXchange system is used for the development, storage, retrieval and secure exchange of models between materials DIGIMAT material suppliers and end users. Digimat-MX is based on complex databases materials to identify the material parameters and complement missing data , based on a limited number of experiments.
Basic features of the module Digimat-MX: availability of a database of materials , giving access to the experimental data , parameter identification of material models based on the reaction of the homogenized material , possibility of reverse engineering, encryption of sensitive data (in module MX +) and much more.
Module Digimat-CAE - is a set of interfaces for programs elemenntnogo - course analysis and modeling of casting , problems in the mechanics of composites and composite structures within the overall performances of multi-disciplinary problems.
Digimat-CAE interfaces allow for accurate prediction of the behavior of composite materials and reinforced plastic parts using the technology of nonlinear multi-scale modeling.
Digimat-CAE interfaces between centralizes Digimat-MF, injection molding simulation and finite element analysis software systems . Digimat-CAE used to build adequate models of nonlinear micromechanical multicomponent material based on linear or non-linear finite element analysis, taking into account the processing of the material. Digimat-CAE eliminates communicates between programs injection molding simulation software systems and FE analysis by taking into account the microstructure of the material (eg , fiber orientation , filling, form).
There are two modules Digimat-CAE: Injection, designed for casting problems , and Structural, designed for structural analysis .
Key features that presents the user module Digimat-CAE/Injection - it records tensor orientation, residual stresses and temperatures and weld lines , as well as interfaces , combined with Moldex3D, Autodesk Moldflow Insight, 3D Timon, REM3D, SigmaSoft.
Key features that presents the user module Digimat-CAE/Structural - is the use of explicit and implicit solver types , different types of items , consideration of various micromechanical models , as well as the presence of interfaces "bind" to the FE analysis software systems , such as Abaqus, ANSYS Mechanical , LS-DYNA, Optistruct, PAM-CRASH, RADIOSS, SAMCEF-Mecano , etc.
Module Digimat-MAP is a software shell and 3D transformations , used for transmitting fiber orientation , residual stresses , temperature and weld lines between the grids programs injection molding simulation software systems and grids FE analysis . Digimat-MAP allows us to estimate the difference between the initial and final transformed solution. Digimat-MAP allows engineers to use prochnistam optimum mesh type required for an efficient and highly accurate finite element analysis.

Key features of this module : shell and 3D transmission grids (6 modes of transmission - a node in the node , the node in the point of integration , the element at the point of integration , etc.) , the positioning of " grid - donor " and " grid - purpose" to scale , transfer , cash nets and rotation support for many types of items , data processing (construction of contour or vector graphics user selectable display ellipsoidal tensor fields , the construction of a cutting plane on 3D meshes , etc.) , the presence of the error indicator .

Module Digimat-Micross - a module designed for easy and efficient design of cellular sandwich panels using advanced simulation technology micrononhomogeneous materials
Module Digimat-Micross - high precision and easy to use software designed for creating composite sandwich panels using numerical tests for bending and shear . Material can be set at the level of Composite / internal components (macro level ) or at the level of fibers / cells . Micross module can be used as analysts and design engineers who do not have experience in micromechanics and finite element modeling
Basic features of the module Micross: task frame ( keeping structure , set the properties of materials , keeping the fibers ) , the creation of FE models ( automatic generation according to the selected grid refinement , various loading ) , the task of the internal component ( honeycomb structure or foam ) , integrated processing of the results (post- processing ) , the presence of indicators of destruction, the automatic creation of HTML- report.

Year / Issue Date : 2012
Version: 4.2.1
Developer : e-Xstream engineering
Developer website : www.e-xstream.com
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Language: English
Medicine: Present (Team-SolidSQUAD)

Special Thanks Team-SolidSQUAD

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