Adobe Premiere Elements 13.1 Free Download

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Adobe Premiere Elements
Adobe Premiere Elements 13.1 by m0nkrus | 3,28 GB
Version with 14 languages ​​to choose from, including Russian and English

The program for entry-level NLE Adobe Premiere Elements combines robust multi-function tools for editing video, digitized or originally captured on a digital camera and controls the high-end creative process. Thanks to Adobe Premiere Elements, you at home have the opportunity to get a video of the highest professional level. To all this, it is possible to use the subtitles, special effects and the sound of Dolby Digital.


Turning photos into exciting movies. Relive your photos with pan and zoom effects, make your story dramatic or funny. Automated functions themselves will find and highlight the face and apply effects to pan and zoom.
Easy color correction or improvement. Automatically increases the tint and brightness without affecting the color. Separately adjust the color of the bright areas, shadows and midtones.
HD quality on standard DVD-ROM. Record HD quality movies to affordable DVD-drives, using the standard recording device.
A quick demonstration on popular websites. Import videos and instantly upload to Facebook and YouTube, as well as quickly publish your finished movie on Facebook.1
Faster adding tags to photos using the list of friends on Facebook. Use your list of friends on Facebook, to quickly mark the people in their photos, and then easily upload the photos to Facebook.
Quick Search photos by subject. Want to find images, which captured his surfboard, his grandmother’s house, or the Eiffel Tower? The search function will automatically find pictures of objects, depending on what they depict.
Export to AVCHD. Demonstrate movies in high-quality format AVCHD.
All the benefits of 64-bit operating system Windows 7. Quick and stable result edit materials with the support of 64-bit Windows 7.
Unusual results thanks to new creative possibilities. Make your movies more interesting with new themes, templates, online albums, and more.
A more perfect sound on a Mac. You use Mac for the installation? Now you can use the SmartSound, to add a different audio track which is automatically adjusted according to the duration of the film.

New and Improved Adobe Premiere Elements 13:

New! Easy and simple tells a great story of life. Pay tribute to a wedding, birthdays and other big events in life. Thanks to videorasskaza can specify the type of story, pick up the clips for each chapter, and Premiere Elements will do the rest, including cutting, transitions, and music depending on the mood, with the result that you get a full-blown movie.
New! Favorite moments, fast movies
Simply click to select your favorite moments from the movie clip, and Elements will turn them into a movie. Done!
NEW! Even more impressive titles and spectacular effects. Use new processes managed edit to add movement in film titles and to support the dramatic effects of the plot, which catches the eye at one point of the scene. Processes managed edit instantly form skills thanks to a built-in instructional videos.
Improved! Smooth out camera shake. Align flickering video image shot with the GoPro cameras and other video cameras, and make it more attractive due to the stabilizer shake.


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